Why is it hard to stay on track while traveling? Start with the distractions. If it’s not a smartphone diverting your attention, it’s a book or laptop, fast food or your travel companion. Distractions are not bad, mind you. They’re simply inevitable.

That’s why it’s so important to shift your priorities. Instead of checking social media and email the next time you sit down on a plane or train, how about tuning in to posture and body awareness?

It’s possible to improve posture, increase mobility and reduce stress at the same time. Help a client or friend increase body awareness by reading these steps to them. Use this activity any time you find yourself crammed into a seat for several hours. It’s a good one to memorize.

  1. Sit with your feet completely touching the floor, hip-width apart.
  2. Close your eyes and take five deep breaths.
  3. Find your neutral spine. Tilt your pelvis forward and backward, then come to a neutral position—the place that feels best for your spine, hips and shoulders.
  4. Do shoulder rolls and gentle movements until the scapulae are in a comfortable (not perfect) position.
  5. Align the neck comfortably over the spine.
  6. Tilt the head right and left in a side bend. Gradually add the rest of the spine. Repeat five times. Then come back to center.
  7. Turn the head right and left gently. Gradually add the rest of the spine. Repeat five times. Then come back to center.
  8. Protract, retract, elevate and depress the scapulae gently five times. Find a comfortable position for them.
  9. Roll the wrists around. Spread out your fingers over your thighs with palms up. Hold this stretch for 5–10 seconds.
  10. Roll your ankles around five times each.