All services are pre-paid at time of booking.

To protect our most valuable resource, our time, we hold a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.

If you cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, for any reason, the amount charged at booking will be nonrefundable and prepayment will be required to reschedule another appointment.

Yes, any reason (emergencies, sickness, injury, you forgot, etc.).

Think of your appointment like a sporting event ticket. If you can’t make it, you have the option of gifting it to a friend or absorbing the expense. Our appointments are no different.

In order to complete your online booking the no show/cancellation policy must be acknowledged (box you check prior to booking).


Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage uses a blend of medium pressure techniques and stress relieving strokes. If you crave to put your mind in a tranquil state of peace and put your worries behind you then you’ve picked the right service.

Key benefits of a Swedish massage:

  • increase the oxygen flow in the blood
  • release toxins from the muscles
  • shortens recovery time from muscular strain
  • increases circulation without increasing heart load
  • stretches the ligaments and tendons keeping them supple and pliable
  • stimulates the skin and nervous system and soothes the nerves themselves at the same time
  • reduces stress, both emotional and physical

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage works by physically breaking down these adhesions to relieve pain and restore normal movement. To do this, the massage therapist often uses direct deep pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscles.

Key benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage:

  • relief from chronic muscular pain
  • increased mobility, especially in joints
  • rapid recovery from injuries (e.g. whiplash, falls, sports injury)
  • reduction in repetitive strain injuries
  • improved posture
  • reduction in Ostearthritis pain

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body that focuses on muscles relevant to a particular sport. It is designed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training. This is especially helpful for athletes who expose their muscles to daily, intensive conditioning.

Swedish Massage

Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Hot Stone Massage

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